Artist in Residence

Wendy first played with clay at school and from the age of 13 became hooked. This irresistible urge to make with clay has existed ever since and even in retirement it continues. Eager to pass on everything she knows Wendy continues to teach and to make and realises she has an addiction to clay and cracking the kiln, a term used for opening the kiln to see what the kiln god has allowed to survive! The excitement never goes away, why not join us and find out what it’s all about.

Whatever your skill level be it beginner novice or advanced, Wendy will be able to help and advise, taking you on a journey of discovery. It’s an opportunity to mix with likeminded people and because of the mix of levels in any given group you will also learn from each other

The therapeutic value of clay is also important and Wendy recognises we all benefit from clay therapy. Its an opportunity to learn but also to take respite and to relax. In this relentlessly busy world, there is no time to stand and stare but clay offers an opportunity for rest and a time to reclaim thoughts and relax into a state of calm. It makes us take a break from the humdrum and whatever pressures we have. It’s an opportunity to meet new people and make friends whether you are new to the area or recently retired, recovering from illness, taking a break from being a carer or a new stay at home mum taking a small window in a hectic world because you can. If you make time you will benefit from the therapeutic value clay offers and whatever your worries, they may drift away for a small portion of time which will refresh you.

If you are interested in Wendy’s talk for groups, The Therapeutic Value of Clay’, get in touch.

If I can give to other people what clay has given to me then I will be happy, because clay has been my friend and at times my therapy, a form of expression and my daily fix. I am fulfilled not just by what I can produce, but by others with whom I share and what they can achieve for themselves

Wendy Yates