Merlin – Professional Tennis Ball Catcher, Bird-and-small-creature-teller-offer, Garden Security Manager, Chief Snuggler, Pro Sock-Thief and Wizard.

Merlin (2.5 years) is Charlie’s border collie who lives with the family at home although occasionally he travels to university with Charlie to lecture students… he is a Collie after all! Although Charlie’s dog, Merlin is very much loved by all and a huge part of the family! Charlie and Merlin can often be found out exploring the South Downs every weekend during term time and all throughout the holidays; together they have covered a huge portion of Surrey and West Sussex.

Merlin is particularly friendly and loves welcoming anyone and everyone – a particular favourite with the students! And if you’re lucky he might rush off to fetch you either a frisbee, teddy or a ball-shaped present! True to his breed, Merlin is not a huge foody – and never has been but he LOVES to play all day long and we’re pretty sure he would play all night if it was up to him! Other than playing, Merlin is a huge softie and loves nothing more than to put his paws up and snuggle up to a designated hooman at the end of a long day!

Likes: Long walks, Ball, Frisbee, Toys, People, Children, Attention, Chicken.

Dislikes: Trips to the vet, Bath time and most Foods.

And you may have noticed – he has two different coloured eyes! (No, he is not blind in the blue eye – he’s just a wizard…!).

P.S Merlin is a pretty sociable doggo – check out his Instagram page!