A Perfect Follow up to the beginners Throwing course. Advance your skills. Learn new techniques

This is an opportunity for you to develop your skills with another session of practising and learning. With a format not dissimilar to the introduction to throwing new skills will be introduced. This makes it also suitable for the beginner as it is aimed to consolidate earlier learning. It will however progress our skills into other areas. You will learn how to collar clay for a spout and create a lid with the aim of trying to create a tea pot yourself. You will also learn how to make a cylindrical pot with a lid all in one piece. There will be an opportunity to win prized demonstration pots created on the day by Matt.

The day commences at 10am and finishes at 4 although the studio will be available for clearing away and cleaning the wheels until 5. This is an all-day course which starts at 9.30 with hot croissants and coffee, breaks for lunch which is homecooked and also includes a nice beverage or 2.

Pastries and coffee - 10 am start. Setting up, clay preparation, selection of tools and wheel.

Consolidation-Creating a Foundation-Understanding the ‘Nature of Clay’. Why do we need to wedge clay before throwing? Why are air bubbles trapped in clay a potential problem?

Demonstrations-ACTION! You should be able to centre your clay reasonably Or at least feel confident on the wheel! Lets look at cylinders and collaring

11.20 - 11.30am
Take a tea or a coffee and discuss work so far

11.30 - 1.15pm
Demonstrations, making a cylinder and collaring fro a spout, making a teapot and making a separate lid,  what do you need to focus on for the shape you need?

Pulling a handle. ACTION! Pulling handles for your tea pot

Lunch - in the garden room or at our, ‘Game of Thrones’ table cooked by our inhouse chef John, deserts by Wendy using produce from our own allotment and with thanks to the chickens for their eggs.

2 - 4pm
Demonstration by Matt whilst your lunch is digested, creating lids in collared cylinders, Putting handles on a teapot. Now practise makes perfect. End of course assessment, Can you centre? Can you make a cylinder for closed top pot or a spout? Can you make a handle? Did you Try making a teapot?

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£120 per person