Early making and outdoor firing techniques.
‘Pit-firings’ creating pottery suitable for smoke decoration including terrasigillata

2 Day Course over 2 Sundays a week apart

A practical demonstration of ways to create pots for a smoke firing

Slip decoration and burnishing techniques

Kiln building


You may attend 1 or both days however if you come to the second day only you will have to bring a piece of work to smoke fire and need to contact us for details of what will be satisfactory for this firing

Today smoke firings have been developed to produce contemporary finishes.

Day 1
You will learn how to create work which will survive an outdoor firing and how to decorate with slip called Terrasigillata followed by burnishing the surface.

The wait between Sundays will allow work to dry and be fired ready for smoking on the second Sunday.

Day 2
Masking techniques on fired pottery before building your own smoke firing kiln followed by a barbeque as pottery gently smokes. Smoked pottery can be collected and finished/ polished in a class session. However, there will be pieces to take away on the day smoked in a fashion to enable this.

The course includes all materials and a cooked lunch. Each day begins with breakfast at 9.30 and ends at 4 with an opportunity for students to work on until 6 if required

Upcoming Dates

Please contact us to book


£120 1 day or £220 for both.