Learn how to decorate pottery like a professional. Paint using one stroke painting techniques, know your brushes. Sponging, Stencilling, Tracing, Personalising Ceramics.

Whatever your ability you are welcome. You will be amazed by what you can achieve with a little help and a lot of tricks of the trade!

Given a wide range of domestic functional pottery to choose from, jugs, plates, platters, cake stands and bowls you will be taught how to load a brush, create patterns using one stroke painting techniques and sponge, trace or stencil which you can adapt to suit your choice of vessel.

You will be able to make a personalised gift or a stunning piece for yourself. Its great fun and very relaxing. Choose two small items to decorate or one larger piece.

Maybe you have a birthday or wedding coming up or a special occasion, Xmas is just around the corner! Paint and personalise your own gifts. Why not bring friends and enjoy the session as a group? Ideal for parties and special occasions as well as the potter who is a keen maker but struggles with ideas for decoration.

The day course includes a light lunch and all refreshments. All materials included with an opportunity to purchase extra ceramic vessels to decorate at reduced prices.

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