Suitable for the interested new potter, teachers and practitioners or those keen to operate their own studio.

The mysteries surrounding glazes and different types of clay and firing all serve to confuse the budding ceramic artist. This is an opportunity to face your fears. Course length 10am-4pm the studio will be open for use until 6pm.

Course Outline

Arrive - Coffee and Croissants

10 - 1.30pm
Different types of clays and their suitability for different processes, Recycling clay Making liquid clays(slips) creating coloured clays and application Tea break. Firing clay- what occurs during firing. Firing schedules

1.30 - 2pm

2 - 4pm
How to mix a prepared glaze. Making a glaze from first principles.
Kiln programming and question time. This course includes lunch and all materials. It is an opportunity to ask questions and learn about clay, glaze and firing. You will go away feeling more confident and informed. It is particularly useful for art technicians and teachers.

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£135 per person