Artist, Animal Lover, Daughter

Charlie (21) is a full time university student. Currently undertaking her 4th and final year at university in Veterinary Physiotherapy, Charlie is a passionate animal lover and has been since a very young age. In her spare time, Charlie can usually be found either at the stables riding her horse (she’s ridden since her 4th Birthday) or enjoying a lengthy walk somewhere on the South Downs with Merlin, her trusty border collie. Together, Charlie and Merlin have explored a very large portion of the South Downs, Surrey and West Sussex and are always up for an adventure come rain, hail or shine… They particularly like long hikes armed with an OS map and a flask of tea and generally the more questionable and overgrown the footpath – the better! Unsurprisingly, it could be said that Charlie particularly adores animals, nature and the all things “countryside” and unlike most students… she generally shirks away from town-life and cities and would much prefer a good brew!

Other than walking and riding, Charlie is also an avid National Trust Member and if she’s not studying, she can often be found scoping out National Trust Heritage, Estates and Parklands.

Recently, to supplement her long dog walks, Charlie has taken to trail running and has already completed two trail Half Marathons (The “North Downs Half Marathon” and “13 The Hard Way”). She explains that by running along the trails too she can now cover even more ground before having to head home – meaning more time to explore and take in the views!

And of course, if all else fails – you might spot her popping into the studio for a tea and probably a biscuit (or two!). Having completed a Cambridge Pre-U in Art while at school and with a Ceramicist for a mother, Charlie has been immersed in ceramics for much of her life. Typically, (in true Charlie-style) she sculpts – yep you guessed it – animals. But she has also made a plethora of other ceramics including; mystical beasts, gargoyles, Gaudi inspired mosaics and occasionally the odd functional vessel. Although she enjoys ceramics, she loves to work with wood from time to time and at the age of 16 she had her first commission of a wooden horse following the display of a GCSE piece she made (aged 14) while at school.